Companion LupiApps  

LupiApps are designed for a variety of accessories LupiDevice built in.  Kitchen Timer, Teddy Bear and Christmas Lighting are one of typical companion apps.

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  Talking Kitchen Timer & Voice/Music Message Reminder  

  • Interactive kitchen timer
    • A nifty timer ranging from 1 to 60 minutes with voice prompt
    • A handy hot key to set all of the specific time intervals
    • Available to cooking, instant noodles, soup and baked foods etc.
    • Easy to time your nap, workout exercise or a soft morning call
  • User-defined alarm sound effects
    • Quick to make a personalized alarm sound from the ringtones or music on your smartphone
    • Up to 135 seconds play time  for storage
  • Family voice mail
    • Drop an individual way of message at home
  • Enrich sing-a-gram party
    • Open your smartphone to sing something special for friends or love ones, and upload it to the timer, as a fun surprise gift for a special occasion,seasonal holiday greetings

  Bedtime Story Interactive Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy  

  • Easy to compose my favorite bedtime story
  • 2 minutes duration for bedtime story or lullaby music you may upload it
  • 15 seconds duration to introduce the lovely toy by yourself
  • 10 second to say good night, sleep well by Dad or Mom
  • Automatically compose the above story into one button click
  • A dim flashing LED light

  Metro LED & Merry Christmas Greetings  

  • Mellow style LED flashing effects
    • 4 LEDs to perform a variety of flashing patterns
    • Tap to change the flashing effects without stop music
  • Music with LED beating effects
    • Up to 150 seconds (2 and half minutes) music for reprogrammable
  • Make sing-a-gram fun and special
    • Choose one of the favorite songs from smartphone to upload it to Metro Twilight for something special, as a fun surprise gift for a special occasion, seasonal holiday greetings for friends or love ones