LUPIGAGA, the way we connect  

Lupigaga is a Bluetooth-enabled companion app for mobile peripheral accessories, a purveyor of joy and personalized greetings player.

ACCESS THE ACCESSORIES SEAMLESSLY: Easy to link up the connection between a variety of interactive toys and smartphone tablet.  Lupigaga creates the ingenious technologies on top of Bluetooth connectivity to access fantastic voice, music, photo and message from your smartphone to your most favorite toys seamlessly.  Keep yourself entertained without the hassle of wires.

ENRICH INTERACTIVE VIBE CONTENT: With the Lupigaga-equipped contraptions, you'll experience a totally different immersive playtime. The stuff might be all sorts of playthings with capabilities of wireless connectivity. These connected toys can perform not single but multiple roles- to play and render fun talk in some cases, or to control and upload new content in others that are of interest to you.

HANG OUT WITH YOUR BELOVED TOYS: Delight your best friends with huggable Lupigaga talking teddy bear or plush animals to share happiness, surprise, thanks by a picture, voice and sing-a-gram on the go. You can drop a prompt reminder message straight from your phone to the toys and more.  Indulge yourself with novel gizmos once in a while.

PLATFORM REQUIREMENTS: To activate Lupigaga, the app on your phone or tablet will request permission to turn on Bluetooth to access the Lupigaga-powered accessories/toys you may have.  Available now on Google Play Store, just type the key word "Lupigaga" to download the app.

  Lupigaga Instruction Manual 操作圖示  

  1. Find the New Accessory by Searching and Pairing Protocols 搜尋新裝置  

  • When you open the Lupigaga app first time on your smartphone, simply tap the Find icon on the top right corner to search the accessory gadget you want to connect. Go with the flow to complete the devices pairing protocol. (Please tap the Menu button to pop up the Find icon if your mobile device platform is Android 2.3.x)
  • 開啟 Lupigaga 後,首先會進入列表頁,列表中會有已經配對過的LupiDevice,點選右上搜尋可以增加裝置。( Android 4.0 以下的版本,請按Menu 叫出搜尋按鈕 )

  2. Edit or Delete the Accessory Tag 編輯裝置  

  • To rename or delete the accessory tag in the list, please press and hold the tag zone on the screen to change how you view the pop-up tips
  • 長按裝置選項,可以選擇自訂裝置名稱、移除或從列表中刪除裝置。

  3. Personalized the Accessory Icon and Title 個人化裝置圖像名稱  

  • To change the accessory icon, tap it on the screen to bring up the toolbars on your smartphone. Go with the flow to navigate photos in your album.
  • 點擊圖示,可以選擇手機中的照片做為裝置的 icon
  • To rename the accessory title, just tap to edit it as you like.
  • 也可依照個人喜好,自訂裝置名稱

  4. Play with your Favorite Accessories 點選啓動裝置  

  • Opening LupiDevice accessories with Lupigaga app is as simple as tapping your finger to see how. If your LupiDevice accessories are paired in the Lupigaga list, you can open it by tapping the tag icon or title to get started (make sure your accessory device's power is activated).
  • Swipe up or down to select the accessory tag in Lupigaga list, then tap ahead to go
  • 上下滑動點選欲聯結互動的娤置 ( 請確認該裝置電源 ON )