Lupigaga Q&A  

About music files

Q: How to convert my audio files to mp3 audio for Lupigaga player?

A: You may use any available tools on the market. There’s a pretty nice tool called Audacity,an open source and free download for PC.

Q:How to find my mp3 audio files when I tap my built-in audio player on my smartphone/tablet ?

A:Some of built-in audio players you may have may not show the mp3 files on Lupigaga. Please try to use other audio player apps such as WINAMP by Nullsoft, Inc., or your may use file managers like ES File Explorer by ES Mobile to browse it.

About voice recording

Q: How to keep my voice recording on my smartphone/tablet without using Lupigaga Archive on iBarrel Buzz?

A: There are several fruity voice recorder apps available on Google Play Store you might be interested. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder (Lite) is one of freebie by Yuku.

About photo editor

Q: How to edit my picture as my personalized accessory icon in the Lupigaga Listing?

A: There are many photo editor apps available on Google Play Store for download. If you like a funky snapshot, try this Face Changer by Scoompa.

About Bluetooth connection

Q: How to reconnect the paired LupiDevice if Lupigaga couldn’t page it to set up the connection again?

A: Some of Bluetooth driver on your smartphone/tablet might not be able to release the connection channel with the paired LupiDevice correctly. Therefore, you might need to try either way in the followings to fix it.

  1. To reset the LupiDevice by turn off the power for a while, and turn on the power again. Then,tag the paired LupiDevice in the list of Lupigaga to page it again
  2. To shut down your smartphone/tablet, and restart again
  3. To delete the paired LupiDevice in the list on Lupigaga and set up pairing by Find/Search again.